Boy became a father at age 11


An 11-year-old New Zealand boy was reported Saturday to have fathered a child last year with the 36-year-old mother of a school friend, raising questions on why women cannot be charged with rape.

Counselors working in the area of child sexual abuse said the case highlights a lack of attention to women as potential offenders, according to the New Zealand Herald, which reported the story.

The case has also prompted an examination of the law, which states the crime of rape can only be applied to men.

The boy is now 12.

  • Oh my. I hope that boy is paying his child support. The world doesn’t need another deadbeat dad.

    Reproductive rights? Those are only things for women. Get to work, sonny!

    Violence or rape against men and boys? Well, that’s only a problem when such violence inconveniences the related women, as it interrupts the steady stream of protecting and providing which the “victim” man provides to her (“her” who is the REAL victim, and “he” only by proxy-extension of her rights. Kind of like when someone kicks *your* dog, as opposed to kicking a stray dog).

    If a woman is using violence, for heaven’s sake she must have a good reason! In this case, the woman, (who as a delicate 36-year old flower can’t be named) may have been violently abused by a man (in her hotter, hypergamous 20’s), causing her to have intimacy problems and unable to trust men (in her withering, “gotta tie me one down” 30’s) Thus, still carrying her unstoppable urge to bear a child, but afraid to bed a man lest she “trigger” her horrific memories of the past, she exercised her autonomy by not getting in vitro fertilized and instead giving a young boy (who was still somewhat threatening, but kinda cute, in that future DV perp, rapist kind of way) the privilege of using her divine vagina.

    This is all because, as we all know, that males (of every age, including 11) have responsibilities and moral agency: the capacity to take action, while fully-grown adult females have no responsibilities or moral agency and are mere objects that are acted upon by men, boys, and the world around her.

    And the law is a simple reflection of this simple human nature.


  • Umbra

    Rape is Rape is Rape
    No matter age or Gender or race