Google nixes Glass face recognition


In a bow to privacy fears raised about the camera-enabled Internet-connected eyewear, Google late Friday put out word that it will not add face-recognition features to Glass.

“We won’t add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in place,” Google said in an online message aimed at software developers creating applications for Glass. “With that in mind, we won’t be approving any facial recognition Glassware at this time,” the message continued, revealing how the company intends to refer to software designed for the devices.

Some small establishments in the United States have vowed to ban Glass due to worries about how being able to discreetly take pictures or video might be seen as invasive by patrons.

Envisioned uses range from practical tasks such as shopping or delivering local weather reports to sharing real-time video streams of riding cable cars or playing augmented reality games in which the world is the board.