Eatery worker dies in lift accident


A restaurant worker died early Monday in an accident involving a dumb waiter, police said, just a month after a hotel cleaner in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, was crushed to death when she stepped into a moving elevator.

The circumstances of the restaurant worker’s death are unclear, but she apparently died while placing dishes in the restaurant’s small lift in Nagoya on Sunday evening, police said.

“An assistant manager found her stuck in the door after she didn’t reply to his call,” said a police spokesman in Aichi Prefecture.

The injured woman, 28, was rushed to hospital but died early Monday morning, according to authorities.

The dumb waiter, reportedly just 70 cm high by 60 cm wide, was designed to carry dishes between floors.

The fatal accident came about a month after a hotel cleaner in Kanazawa was crushed to death in front of her colleague when she stepped into an elevator made by Swiss-based Schindler that suddenly started ascending.

One of the Swiss firm’s elevators was also involved in a fatal incident in 2006 when a 16-year-old schoolboy in Japan was crushed to death.

The machinery involved in Sunday’s accident was reportedly built by a Japanese manufacturer.