Education 38% of family income: poll

Kyodo News

Japan Finance Corp. said Saturday that a recent survey it carried out on some 5,400 families found they spent on average a record-high 37.6 percent of their income on the education of their children in the 2010 school year.

The per-household educational costs of the 5,400 families with school-age and older offspring that gave valid responses to the July poll came to ¥1,982,000, up ¥52,000 from the previous year, when the level was 33.7 percent, boosting such outlays to overall income at a time when the economy is slumping, said the governmental financial institution, which has been keeping such data since 2000.

Among families with income between ¥2 million and ¥4 million, the educational burden is as high as 56.5 percent, it said.

The average cost per child to enroll at and finish both high school and college rose by ¥521,000 to ¥10,598,000, and many families are cutting travel, leisure and other expenses to cover the educational costs, it said.