Mom hangs self before abuse ruling


A 39-year-old supermarket employee was found hanged Tuesday in an apparent suicide at her home in Nose, Osaka Prefecture, ahead of a court ruling in a child abuse case involving her injured teenage son, police said.

The defendant, Suzuyo Kita, left a note for her son and parents, reading: “I would never be able to apologize to my son enough. I am sorry I could not do things like a mother to you,” according to police.

Her mother found her hanging in a room in their home at around 7:10 a.m. and called police, they said.

Kita was arrested last November on suspicion of abusing her son from August to September in conspiracy with her live-in boyfriend. The two owned up to accusations that they forced the boy to squat on his heels atop a stepladder and chained him by the neck to a ceiling beam.

She was freed on bail Feb. 16. After prosecutors demanded three years in prison for her Monday, the Osaka District Court said it would hand down a ruling April 9.