Feb 22, 2014


by Kris Kosaka

Flux, the new collection of poems by Japan-based poet Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, reveals a myriad of fluctuations and transitions in style and theme. From the poet’s diverse choice of form to her penetrating eye on the collection’s wide range of subject matter, the poems here ...

'Takeuchi Seiho: The Master of Modern Nihonga'

Aug 28, 2013

'Takeuchi Seiho: The Master of Modern Nihonga'

by Marie Omata

As a founder of nihonga (Japanese-style painting), Takeuchi Seiho (1864-1942)was a pioneer in modernizing traditional Kyoto art. His works were a major influence on many of his younger peers, including Tsuchida Bakusen (1887-1936), and continue to inspire today. This is the first large-scale exhibition ...

The wonderful worlds of 100 <em>waka</em>

Dec 30, 2012

The wonderful worlds of 100 waka

by Stuart Varnam-Atkin

The scene: England, Boxing Day 2012. The archetypical Carters are relaxing after a cold turkey lunch (with bread sauce) and are watching the Royal Family’s latest sonnets being read on the goggle-box. Time for a game! “‘Scrabble’?” “No, it always becomes ‘Squabble’!” “‘Monopoly’?” “No, ...