Aug 21, 2014

220 mostly female minors warned against online solicitation

Warnings against online misconduct were issued to 220 minors under 18 in the first half of the year, the National Police Agency reported Thursday. The warnings covered activity ranging from paid sex and dates to underwear sales, and 102 were involved in prostitution or ...

LDP eyes cellphone, pachinko prize taxes

Aug 11, 2014

LDP eyes cellphone, pachinko prize taxes

Some members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party are considering seeking taxes on mobile phone owners and the pachinko industry to cover a chronic shortage of government revenue. With the balance of government debts at a record ¥1.04 quadrillion at the end of June, ...

Ymobile touts simplicity, low fees in smartphone war

Jul 17, 2014

Ymobile touts simplicity, low fees in smartphone war

by Kazuaki Nagata

New mobile phone entrant Ymobile Corp. unveiled monthly fixed-price service plans Thursday that include voice calling and Internet access to woo newcomers to smartphones with simpler and cheaper contracts. The SoftBank subsidiary, launched in June in a merger with eAccess, which runs Emobile, and ...

Jun 27, 2014

Japan to oblige mobile carriers to remove SIM locks from handsets

The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry plans to basically oblige mobile phone carriers to “unlock” their handsets so they can handle other companies’ services, informed sources said Friday. The ministry is set to present the plan to a panel Monday and map out details ...

Son's bid for T-Mobile faces huge antitrust hurdle

Jun 6, 2014

Son's bid for T-Mobile faces huge antitrust hurdle

Masayoshi Son, head of SoftBank Corp. and Sprint Corp., won’t be able to ride the regulatory coattails of pending U.S. telecommunications deals if he decides to buy T-Mobile US Inc. Regulators are preparing to vet proposed acquisitions worth more than $45 billion each from ...

Apr 29, 2014

Deregulating the telecom industry

An expert panel of the communications ministry is reviewing anti-monopoly protections against the NTT group and is expected to recommend this fall whether regulations on the telecom giant should be eased.