Oct 27, 2014

Avant-garde artist, writer Genpei Akasegawa dies

GENPEI AKASEGAWA Avant-garde artist Genpei Akasegawa died of blood poisoning at a Tokyo hospital Sunday morning. He was 77. Born Katsuhiko Akasegawa in Yokohama, he attended Musashino Art School, now Musashino Art University, in Tokyo, but dropped out before graduating. He started exhibiting at ...

'Pre-Raphaelites:  Victorian Avant Garde'

Jan 22, 2014

'Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant Garde'

by Hanna Lange

In London, 1848, a group of young pioneering artists began to shake the mid-19th-century British art world by combining rebellion and revivalism with scientific precision and the imagination. They took inspiration from early Renaissance painting and willfully challenged artistic conventions, calling themselves the Pre-Raphaelite ...

Trapped by human society

Dec 4, 2013

Trapped by human society

by Matthew Larking

Osaka-born Tetsumi Kudo’s oeuvre has been the subject of a number of major international retrospectives since his death in 1990, and these indicate the artist’s increasing postwar historical significance. The current National Museum of Art, Osaka retrospective is magisterial. With more than 600 pages, ...

G-tokyo art fair makes a change

Mar 22, 2013

G-tokyo art fair makes a change

by Tomohiro Osaki

This year, four-year-old art fair G-tokyo boasts that it will turn over a new leaf with some radical changes. Besides moving its venue from Mori Arts Center Gallery to Tokyo Midtown Hall, it has altered the lineup of participating galleries for the first time, ...