Idol group Tsuri Bit angling to promote seafood to young Japanese


Japanese idol group Tsuri Bit is about to take their love of fish to a new level under a new initiative to promote angling and the nation’s seafood industry.

While continuing music activities, the five-girl group will encourage people to eat fish by spreading the word about seafood and cooking through events and online.

Tsuri Bit started three years ago as a singing and dancing group with a focus on the ocean. With many of their songs related to fish and the sea, the group has held fishing events with fans, and even lauded the benefits of a seafood diet by cleaning and eating fish they have caught.

With an eye to learning more about fish and giving fans more information about eating seafood and the industry, Tsuri Bit visited the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward earlier this month.

The members were told about the current situation in the fishing industry by Masanori Murata, a Tokyo Metropolitan Government official who oversees bidders and affairs at Japan’s biggest seafood wholesale market.

Mizuki Hasegawa, the 18-year-old leader of the group, said, “I thought we need to tell everyone more about how delicious fish (is), after we learned that fishermen and people in Tsukiji are worried about a slump in fish consumption.”

She expressed concern about the declining seafood diet of young people.

“When I go fishing, I look forward to cleaning and eating types of fish that can’t be seen in fish stores,” Hasegawa said, adding that her cooking skills were improving.

“We hope to contribute to the fishing industry by promoting fish diets” as well as fishing, she said.

Later this month, Tsuri Bit is scheduled to hold an event to promote seafood dishes such as sushi at a supermarket food court in the city of Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture. They will also try their hand at seafood processing.

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