Yoshino Matsui

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Futuristic bot cabaret wows Tokyo

Oct 5, 2012

Futuristic bot cabaret wows Tokyo

Paris may have the Moulin Rouge, but Tokyo now boasts its own distinctively futuristic cabaret experience: the Robot Restaurant, replete with giant robots operated by scantily clad women amid a dazzling profusion of lights. “Foreign customers who come here all say the same thing ...

Feb 11, 2010

Masking toilet noise may date back to Edo

YAKAGE, Okayama Pref. — Today there are colorful portable gadgets and iPhone applications to cover up the sounds people make when using the toilet, but a museum here has a large bronze urn dating from the 19th century that could be the earliest form ...

Miss World Japan looks for U.S. granddad

Sep 24, 2009

Miss World Japan looks for U.S. granddad

URUMA, Okinawa Pref. — For 21-year-old Elza Sasaki, Japan’s representative for the Miss World contest in December, winning the beauty pageant is not just about opening doors to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a super model, but also about generating media exposure to ...

Interest now obsessive for first 'otaku' test

Jul 15, 2005

Interest now obsessive for first 'otaku' test

Thousands of young Japanese men are expected to take a nationwide exam next month that would, if they pass, grant them recognition as experts in the field of “otaku,” or geeks. Since word of the first-ever Otaku Certificate exam broke in late June, publisher ...

Demolition company's jingle becomes a smash hit

Dec 30, 2003

Demolition company's jingle becomes a smash hit

One of the hottest companies in Japan today doesn’t produce cars, electronics or, for that matter, anything else. Its business is pure destruction, and by singing its praises the tiny Yokohama demolition firm has become dynamite. Nihon Break Kogyo Co.’s song splashed onto Oricon, ...

Nov 27, 2003

Radiant male clerks look to tempt female shoppers

Women are facing a cunning new strategy aimed at loosening their purse strings — attractive young men working as clerks in cosmetics and women’s clothing departments. Printemps Ginza Co., a department store in Tokyo’s Ginza district, was one of the first Japanese firms to ...

Mar 27, 2003

Health boom spurs proliferation of oxygen units

With the domestic market for health products continuing to expand rapidly, appliance vendors are now marketing a range of home-use oxygen units. On March 10, electronics giant Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. debuted the MS-X1 Oxygen Concentrator, a compact oxygen-supply unit that looks like a ...

Japanese escape woes in 'Boogie Wonderland'

Jan 8, 2003

Japanese escape woes in 'Boogie Wonderland'

Middle-aged disco lovers in Japan boogie to the sounds of a past era, when flares, platform shoes and gold medallions were cool and the economy was on the upswing. The disco boom of the ’70s and ’80s is enjoying a revival of sorts among ...

Jan 8, 2001

Tokyo stocks likely to edge up

Share prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange will likely edge up this week, spurred by the surprise U.S. credit easing and the yen’s weakness against the dollar. The upside, however, will be limited due to selling by Japanese firms to unwind cross-shareholdings ahead of ...

Aug 8, 2000

One man's fight to be a midwife

The baby looked pale as it started to emerge from the mother’s body, worrying Hisateru Takikawa, who had been attending to the woman for hours since her labor started. At the time, he was 22 and practiced midwifery in one of his courses at ...