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Sep 6, 2014

Genetic mapping triggers hope on schizophrenia

Scientists have linked more than 100 spots in our DNA to the risk of developing schizophrenia, casting light on the mystery of what makes the disease tick. Such work could eventually point to new treatments, although they are many years away. Already, the new ...

Study traces dinosaur evolution into early birds

Aug 9, 2014

Study traces dinosaur evolution into early birds

Scientists have mapped how a group of fearsome, massive dinosaurs evolved and shrank to the likes of robins and hummingbirds. Comparing fossils of 120 different species and 1,500 skeletal features, especially thigh bones, researchers constructed a detailed family tree for the class of two-legged ...

Apr 19, 2014

Forecasters issue alert on El Nino

U.S. federal forecasters predict a warming of the central Pacific Ocean this year that will change weather worldwide. The warming, called an El Nino, can mean an even hotter year coming up and billions of dollars in losses for food crops. Australia and South ...

Study warns of sudden climate change woes

Jan 4, 2014

Study warns of sudden climate change woes

Hard-to-predict sudden changes to Earth’s environment are more worrisome than climate change’s bigger but more gradual impacts, a panel of scientists advising the U.S. government concluded last month. The 200-page report by the National Academy of Sciences looked at warming problems that can occur ...

Jan 30, 2010

Why are Toyota gas pedals sticking? It's complicated

WASHINGTON — For a century, the basic idea behind pressing the accelerator on a car has been pretty straightforward. What’s going wrong with some Toyotas isn’t simple. Experts say the sudden acceleration problem that has put the brakes on Toyota sales and production is ...