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| Nov 2, 2013

U.S. Supreme Court to hear new case on public prayer

The chairman of the local Baha’i congregation concluded his prayer with “Allah-u-Abha,” which loosely translates to “God the All-Glorious.” A Jew offered a prayer speaking of “the songs of David, your servant.” And a Wiccan priestess, mindful of her venue in the town of ...

Grahams shepherded Post through tumultuous eight decades

| Aug 6, 2013

Grahams shepherded Post through tumultuous eight decades

It began with a bankruptcy sale in 1933, when a Republican businessman and presidential confidant reinvented himself as a newspaper publisher in the nation’s capital. It ended with an announcement that his descendants had sold the newspaper to an Internet wizard who lives in ...

Supreme Court reflects 'modern marriage'

Mar 25, 2013

Supreme Court reflects 'modern marriage'

There’s a widow who was a pioneer of the “modern marriage,” and one who never wed. Two who have been divorced. There is a husband who married relatively late in life and adopted two children. Another is a prolific procreator, with enough children to ...

Sotomayor recalls life story shaped by diabetes

Jan 14, 2013

Sotomayor recalls life story shaped by diabetes

Very soon after being diagnosed with diabetes, 7-year-old Sonia Sotomayor decided she would not depend on the adults in her life — a distant, overworked mother, a doomed, alcoholic father — for the daily shots of insulin that would keep her alive. So along ...

Dec 17, 2012

Court cases to test Obama's 'evolution' on gay marriage

The Supreme Court gave itself plenty of room to maneuver when it agreed on Dec. 7 to review the issue of same-sex marriage. The justices could decide one of the great political and civil rights questions of our time, rule narrowly on the two ...