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May 22, 2001

China's shifting sands close in on Beijing

BEIJING — Mother Nature has got it in for Wang Yongxian. In 1988, the farmer fled his hillside cave when flooding triggered landslides on Dragon Treasure Mountain, 70 km north of Beijing. Forced to abandon their traditional cave homes, Wang and neighbors moved down ...

Sep 14, 2000

Bruised flowers: China's hidden army of child laborers

BEIJING — Hu Changjun was desperate to escape the poverty trap in Wuxi County in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. So she couldn’t believe her luck when a fellow villager named Changyan offered her work at a joint-venture factory in distant Beijing. “A joint venture ...

Jun 28, 2000

China's Korean War POWs find you can't go home again

BEIJING — In a hotel room in the Yangtze River port of Wuhan, a dozen elderly Chinese men fight back tears to sing a song written almost 50 years ago in a U.S. prisoner-of-war camp in South Korea. At the end of the song, ...