Bear cub invades nursing home

A bear cub stunned residents of a nursing home in western Japan on Tuesday when it broke through the front door and bounded through the facility, police said.

There were no injuries to the five staff and some 100 elderly occupants of the home.

But the early morning intrusion followed a string of incidents in the same area earlier this month, when a bear attacked three people, injuring two, before it was shot dead.

On Tuesday, the 1-meter-tall bear broke through a glass door at the Jorakuen elderly home in the town of Kamiichi, Toyama Prefecture, a local police spokesman said.

The bear, weighing about 50 kg, fled after a staff member shouted loudly. But it returned a few minutes later to roam inside the home, crushing plastic doors leading into the residents’ rooms before leaving, the spokesman said.

Police and local hunters were searching for the young bear.