Bomber with grudge gets 12 years


A 35-year-old man was sentenced Tuesday to 12 years in prison for planting a bomb at the home of a former high school classmate as revenge for bullying.

Kiyokazu Takeuchi, unemployed, was convicted by the Fukui District Court of violating the explosives control law for planting a homemade bomb, built with a fire extinguisher and packed with 2 kg of gunpowder, on the premises of the man’s home in Fukui in July 2003.

Takeuchi, who sustained serious burns when the bomb went off while he was planting it, told the court he wanted to get revenge on the man because he had bullied him when they were in high school.

Prosecutors had demanded 15 years in prison.

Presiding Judge Yutaka Kubo said Takeuchi’s actions were extremely dangerous and malicious.

He also noted that they were self-centered, because Takeuchi “shifted the blame for his unhappy life after dropping out of high school on his classmate and his own father.”

Kubo said the court did not find evidence of serious bullying during Takeuchi’s high school days.

He added that there were many opportunities for Takeuchi to set his life straight in the 16 years since he left high school but that he chose to live as a shut-in.