Megaconsortium leaders to launch Net sales

NEC Corp. and three other key members of the Megaconsortium group said Monday it will launch in December a periodical Internet bargain sale targeting 10 million consumers.

The Megaconsortium will wage the monthly two-week Secret Sale campaign by teaming up with Rakuten Inc., the operator of the largest Net shopping mall in Japan, it said.

NEC and the three others — KDDI Corp., Japan Telecom Holdings Co. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. — formed the consortium in June along with 40 other companies. Six more firms have since joined.

Although the consortium has been discussing a plan to provide Internet protocol phone services together, it decided the group’s first actual commercial service will be Net shopping, in which food and other miscellaneous goods will be offered, it said.

The four key members will send passwords to access the site by e-mail to the 10 million members, it said.

“Although we have not yet decided how sharply we will discount goods to be offered in the bargain sales, we will make it a bargain campaign whereby shoppers can feel they are given huge advantages,” a Rakuten official said.