Credit cards lead service sectors

Among the nation’s six major service-industry sectors, credit card-based sales in August rose 2.4 percent from a year ago to 2 trillion yen, while advertisement-service providers and the leasing industry did poorly, the government said Wednesday.

Ad-service firms, such as newspapers, magazines and ad agencies, saw combined revenues shrink 8.6 percent to 359.14 billion yen, while the value of contracts of over one year signed by leasing companies fell 2.5 percent to 451.50 billion yen, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said.

The value of leasing contracts of less than one year dropped 2.5 percent to 82.65 billion yen, the ministry said.

Information-services companies, such as computer-software writers and developers of in-house corporate computer networks, saw their revenues grow 1.6 percent to 527.46 billion yen.

But engineering firms saw the combined value of the orders placed by corporate clients for a range of industrial plants plunge 33.1 percent to 544.73 billion yen, the ministry said.

Among providers of services to individual customers only, theme-parks’ sales soared by 53.8 percent to 58.32 billion yen.

Revenues at operators of theaters and entertainment and event groups grew 6 percent to 24.56 billion yen.

Foreign-language schools suffered a 9.9 percent revenue fall to 9.01 billion yen, the ministry said.