NEC to release FingerThrough II

NEC Corp. said Tuesday it has developed a door security system incorporating new technology that uses a light-reflection method to recognize fingerprints.

FingerThrough II can be installed at the entrances of high-security areas, including computer rooms and research laboratories, NEC said.

Under conventional means of verifying fingerprints — direct scanning — the humidity and temperature of the skin sometimes affect readings, according to NEC. The new system, which directs light on the finger, does not have this problem, it added.

The new system employs a resolution roughly twice that of conventional systems, allowing verification of fingerprints that have occasionally proved problematic, such as those of children, it said.

FingerThrough II will retail at 398,000 yen, before tax. NEC said it will begin shipping the product in November and aims to ship around 5,000 units by the end of March 2004.