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The Asahi-Shuzo sake brewery opened its doors for business in the Koshiji district of Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, in 1830. Blessed with pure underground water, this area is known as one of the greatest rice-producing regions in Japan. For almost 200 years now, Asahi-Shuzo has been using traditional techniques to blend the high-quality water and rice from the region to produce truly wonderful sake. 

Like all great success stories, the key is the people who create the magic. The farmers, bottlers, label designers and master brewers bring their commitment to excellence to make Asahi-Shuzo products the best they can be.

Kubota was introduced in 1985 and grew to become one of Asahi-Shuzo’s star products. Bucking the sweet, heavy flavor trend that was popular at the time, Kubota attracted sake lovers with its tanrei-karakuchi flavor, a sensationally sharp, untiring taste that offers a crisp, clean and dry finish. Great both hot and cold, delicious Kubota can be enjoyed no matter the occasion, season or food being served.

With such great taste and versatility, it’s no wonder that Kubota has been a popular favorite for nearly 40 years. 

The Kubota lineup has grown to an impressive 17 types in addition to limited offerings for special events and seasons. Its pleasing aroma spans the spectrum from subtle to bold, and its captivating flavor from light to full-bodied, making Kubota the perfect partner for pairing over a broad range of cuisine, from washoku to French, Italian, Chinese and Southeast Asian, and even with desserts.

Asahi-Shuzo is committed to producing sake that brings joy to any occasion, enhances the flavor of food and makes having another cup an absolute must. Our websites and Instagram account have lots of information on how to enjoy sake to the fullest and how best to pair it with food, and the Kubota Sake Bar on the basement floor of the Shibuya Parco shopping center in Tokyo has a full line of Kubota products available for tasting and purchase. The bar also offers the Yummy Sake Tasting Kit, which uses artificial intelligence and blind tasting to help customers choose the sake most suited to their taste preferences.

Visitors to the Kubota Sake Bar who mention seeing this article in The Japan Times receive a complimentary bar snack with their drink order.

URL: www.asahi-shuzo.co.jp/global/en/
Kubota sake bar: www.kubota-sake-bar.com/english.html
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kubota_sake_global/

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