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The beauty drink market is witnessing rapid growth. The more intense the underground research and development race is, the more brands invest in product development. Recently, health and beauty products with unique ingredients are trending. In particular, Mashiro Inc., a pioneering company, has added fucoidan and stem cells to its collagen and placenta drink.

In recent years, consumer awareness of sustainable beauty care and the idea of strengthening health from within has been increasing. This has pushed health and beauty brands worldwide to create new products to meet this demand.

This trend is projected by economic experts to create a fertile market in the future. According to a Precedence Research report, the collagen market is likely to grow by around 8.9%, reaching around $23 billion over the next decade. The placenta market is expected to grow 12% through 2032. Japan has the upper hand in R&D, formulations, and outstanding quality among many countries.

Projected growth of the global collagen market
Projected growth of the global collagen market

Masaru Eshima, founder of the 82X brand said: “We are eager to announce that beauty drinks enhanced with fucoidan and stem cells are our latest breakthrough in product development. We will continue to research more intelligent formulas with healthy and valuable ingredients to serve the rising expectations of our customers not only for beauty, but also health.”