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The Japan Patent Office recently updated “The JPO Key Features,” a section of its website that introduces the benefits of filing applications in Japan for global business development. This portal showcases the office’s efforts to provide speedy, high-quality examinations and outlines its Patent Prosecution Highway process via illustrations and easy-to-understand images. Each explanation is followed by links to individual pages with more detailed information, helping to provide a deeper understanding of Japan’s intellectual property system.

Some of the sections added in this update include information on the Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI) and a section titled “File Patents, Expand Your Business in Japan.” The GXTI provides a comprehensive view of “green transformation” technologies. It helps companies analyze their own GX technologies and disclose their GX-related efforts based on the results of the analyses. The latter section uses actual cases to introduce the benefits of acquiring rights and doing business in Japan.

The JPO Key Features also mentions that the JPO published the world’s first manga-based publication on examination guidelines and case examples regarding artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies with the aim of heightening interest in patent examinations for those who are not patent specialists.