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One hundred years later, under the stewardship of his grandson, Ayman Tamer, the business he founded is one of the largest distributors and producers of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices in Saudi Arabia, a pioneer in commerce and a standard-bearer for the kingdom’s social and economic transformation.

Today, the fast-growing Tamer Group follows the same principles of innovation, entrepreneurship and integrated health care that inspired Dr. Tamer a century ago.

“As a health care company, the needs of society, community and employees have always been in our DNA,” said Group Chairman Ayman Tamer. “Just as it was for my grandfather, the essence of Tamer Group is caring to help bring in a brighter and healthier future for the people of Saudi Arabia.”

The Tamer Group focuses on the pharmaceutical, medical, nutrition and wellness sectors, and has expanded outside Saudi Arabia to serve the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

Tamer Group is a major employer of local talent and is celebrated for its diverse and inclusive culture.
Tamer Group is a major employer of local talent and is celebrated for its diverse and inclusive culture.

As science and technology transform the business landscape in Saudi Arabia and beyond, digitalization is accelerating the company’s growth rate. Tamer forecasts that its revenues will double in the next five years through both organic and inorganic expansion in these high-growth sectors.

The group recently acquired Mumzworld, the Middle East’s leading vertical e-commerce platform for mother, child and baby products, with a community of 2.5 million mothers.

“Mumzworld is not merely a footprint in the quickly growing e-commerce business in the region and a group diversification, but is our innovation center to help the core business accelerate its digital agenda. E-commerce is no longer an option, but a business obligation,” Tamer said.

As part of its Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey. “As a market leader aiming to bridge the gap in science and technology, we are in a unique position to introduce digital and technology solutions that will underpin the national transformation and sectorial reform agenda,” he said.

Continuous investment in digitalization and logistics has taken Tamer Group to the top of its market.
Continuous investment in digitalization and logistics has taken Tamer Group to the top of its market.

The group doesn’t underestimate the scarcity of talent and the necessity of being a talent magnet and skilled job creation is a key objective. Building internal capacities and developing new skill sets are at the core of Tamer Academy, the group’s training and development arm. Empowerment of women, diversity and inclusion are key priorities.

“The changes in our country that are taking place thanks to Vision 2030 reflect the conviction and confidence of the Saudi people,” Tamer noted. “The young men and women of Saudi Arabia are driving the economic and cultural renaissance of our country and creating new opportunities for Tamer Group. For 100 years, we have grown and transformed alongside the kingdom. We are delighted to actively contribute to increasing the wellness and prosperity of our country.”


What would your grandfather say if he could see the Tamer Group now?

Ayman Tamer, Chairman of Tamer Group
Ayman Tamer, Chairman of Tamer Group

Ayman Tamer: My grandfather’s dream was to localize pharmaceutical manufacturing in Saudi Arabia. I wish he were here to see not only what we have done, but what Saudi Arabia has achieved and all the opportunities the country is providing for its people. It is beyond his wildest dreams.

Did you ever think the changes would take place so quickly?

I had a strong conviction that Saudi Arabia would undergo change. I told my daughter, who was born in 2000, that women would be allowed to drive before she turned 18. And in 2018, it finally happened.

As group chairman, what makes you most proud?

I am most proud not of growing the business, because the Saudi market has always grown, but of growing our market share because of the talents of the team we have here. We have a meritocratic, diverse and caring culture. We invest in attracting, retaining and developing talented local people. They are our most important asset and I am proud of the environment that I have helped create for them.

What is your message for foreign companies interested in entering the Saudi market?

It is an exciting time to be in Saudi Arabia. Under the umbrella of Vision 2030, we are witnessing a renaissance of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Saudi Arabia is a market of extraordinary promise and amazing opportunities.

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