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In 2019, SPIRIT Slovenia, the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology, launched an international communications campaign Green. Creative. Smart. under the state brand “I feel Slovenia.”

The Green. Creative. Smart. campaign highlights the key competitive advantages of the Slovenian economy in the fields of environmental technologies, robotics, mobility, digitization, development and research and the creative industries.

Slovenia is known for its green landscape; however, its economy is green as well. It is focused on sustainability, green technologies, corporate social responsibility, committed to reducing the carbon footprint and caring for the natural and social environment.

In addition, the Slovenian economy is creative. It recognizes and promotes human talent and the creativity of professionals who create added value in companies.

The Slovenian economy is also smart, with numerous efficient, high-tech globally recognized solutions, services and products that help companies gain a competitive edge in the world market.

“We are working on a win-win situation for both Slovenia and foreign investors who recognize our highly educated and productive workforce, as well as our advantageous geostrategic location. This is confirmed by the fact that Slovenia doubled its exports and FDI stock in the last 10 years,” says Ajda Cuderman, the CEO of SPIRIT Slovenia.

Slovenia’s public agency SPIRIT Slovenia is an entrepreneur-friendly institution for both potential and existing investors, providing adequate assistance to businesses during their start-up, growth and development phase.

The Agency’s strategic goal in 2020 is to contribute to the sustainable development and long-term growth of the Slovenian economy using various support instruments in accordance with national and European development policy.

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