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Bagus Srl

Bagus is an innovative startup operating in the field of industrial design and sustainable mobility through the design and development of information systems based on geolocation for monitoring, management and operation of the mobile workforce.

In Japan, Bagus is identifying and exploring ways in which its short-distance services, available through dedicated mobile apps, could be used to assist citizens and tourists, including luggage storage and delivery (pick-up and drop-off anywhere) and “personal shopper” for shopping and delivery to one’s home, hotel and elsewhere.

Bagus is looking for Japanese business partners and is aiming to become the “last one mile” solution for all personal delivery services.

URL: http://bagus.online/

Biopic Srl

Introducing smart urban farming to home and restaurant environments, Biopic Srl LED-operated “greenhouses” use special photosynthesis stimulators that naturally concentrate a plant’s essential oils, resulting in increased nutritional benefits with the added bonus of purifying indoor environments. Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy are currently using the device to grow herbs.

Using both hydroponic and soil based farming, with an exclusive patented Home cultivation system, powered by BioPic LED Space Technology, plants and office workers share a common space. Basil leaves can be grown inside seminar rooms and shiso (perilla) sprouts are grown over your desktop with beautiful flowers or green plants in other spaces.

URL: https://www.biopic.it


BioSpremi is a developer of machinery and technology used to extract oil from agricultural products, such as olive oil. No water or chemicals are required during this process, which reduces costs, preserves product nutrition and integrity, and reduces environmental impact. The dry waste obtained during the transformation process can be used as eco-fuel in the domestic or industrial sectors.

We are looking for partners in Japan to help develop BioSpremi for use in the domestic agriculture sector for other oils such as linseed, sesame and camellia, as well as fruit for juices. Moreover, we need a financial partner to grow in Japan and share our patented technology and know-how.

URL: http://www.biospremi.it

Dilium Srl

Specializing in augmented reality (AR), native development apps, software development and the “internet of things,” Dilium uses high-level programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, Swift and PHP. Its AR project Leonardo da Vinci, showcased in Tokyo and created with DEseip Communication Studio, saw works of the Renaissance master reinterpreted for modern times using the company’s Bellfish app.

Dillum is seeking a co-CTO to open a branch in Japan who can obtain funding from Japanese investors.

Thanks to GSP and EDGEof support we have found a Japanese partner for our 3D products. We are also in negotiations with venture capitalists to grow and open a branch here in Japan.

URL: https://www.dilium.com/

Priyatech Srl

Developer of an all-in-one home-security and monitoring device and related app that not only detects, monitors and informs, but interprets data using artificial intelligence, as well as alerting users. Applications include baby monitoring, air detection and observing elderly persons who live at home alone and without access to immediate support networks.

We are looking for investors to complete hardware and software integration, production partners to help Priyatech manufacture its product and create marketing material for Japanese consumers. We also seek big companies that care about their employees on maternity leave and aim to improve work performance of new parents during the first years of their children’s lives.

URL: http://www.priyahome.com

Riolabs Srl

Riolabs is developing a mobile app that will allow users such as international tourists to order food and experience traditional recipes in their native language when visiting Japan. A QR code will assure the restaurant of customer orders and their physical presence. Another feature allows the client to prepay for lunch or the dinner directly from the app.

We are looking for investors and people to help us to enter the Japanese market and also to develop a great marketing plan.

We see Japan as a perfect place for our product, but we have faced some resistance from the restaurant side.

URL: http://www.riolabs.net

Scooterino Srl

Scooterino has been providing an innovative and affordable transportation option to users all over Rome. The platform connects users and drivers for on-demand and prebooked rides. We have generated over 100,000 ride requests in Rome, becoming Europe’s most recognized scooter ride-sharing app.

From the Global Startup Program, we hope to expand our investor network, gain deep insights on the Japanese mobility sector and create synergy with Japanese industrial partners.

We see Japan as ideal for the expansion of our services for many reasons. There is less competition compared to other Asian markets. Cities are crowded and busy. People need more efficient alternatives. Standards are much higher than other countries.

URL: http://www.scooterino.it

You to Italy Srl

Our product OhhItaly is an all-in-one reservation service interface for affordable luxury encompassing air tickets, ground transportation, accommodations, restaurant booking and other assistance for visitors from Japan, China, Russia and the U.S. to Italy. With various payment methods supported and an easy to use interface, planning vacations will be fun and easy.

We are looking for partners to expand our network and customer base, as well as partners and investors for our new project, Ohhjapan.

We see Japan as a possible country to replicate the same mechanism of service aggregation, but for foreigners willing to visit Japan. Tourism is a developing sector in rural areas that may increase drastically after the Olympics.


This content was compiled in collaboration with the Global Startup Program participants.

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