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EdVenture summer camp is a multi-activity outdoors camp for children and teens between 3 and 16 years of age. Spending days and nights in the natural surrounds of Niseko, participants and their families come together to explore just how big — and small — the world really is.

Through the adventure of exploring a new environment, connecting with people from other cultures, gaining confidence in nature and learning new skills, campers will discover their full potential. Children gain the courage to follow their future dreams, wherever they may lead.

EdVenture summer camps operate a little differently from regular camps as families are also invited to experience Niseko’s rustic expanse. Camp types differ in the amount of independence offered. Younger children may spend half-days alone before immersing themselves in typical overnight camping experiences later in the week, while older campers are offered a complete parent-free experience.

City dwellers have much to gain. Fun, hands-on activities range from picking cherries to mountain trail hiking, as well as woodwork activities to kayaking on the waters of Lake Toya. Camp activities take place near Mount Annupuri and Mount Yotei, where lush forests, crystal clear lakes, freshwater springs and mountain trails abound.

The summer camp experience is long renowned as advantageous for children’s growth. It fosters all-around resilience, bolsters empowerment and independence, while also encouraging physical and mental exercise through play. Join in the fun at an EdVenture summer camp, where camp organizers say the outdoors becomes “a child’s inspiration and laboratory.”

URL: www.edventureniseko.com
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