Rino Sashihara tops annual AKB48 popularity poll

Jun 10, 2013

Rino Sashihara tops annual AKB48 popularity poll

Rino Sashihara on Saturday captured the coveted No. 1 spot within the all-female pop group AKB48 and its sister groups in this year’s popularity vote.Sashihara, 20, who last year moved from AKB48 to HKT48, a sister group based in Fukuoka, southwestern Japan, garnered 150,570 ...

/ Aug 24, 2011

1991 USSR coup attempt's steep cost

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Twenty years ago this weekend, a group of Communist Party Politburo members and Soviet government officials attempted a coup d’état. They created an unconstitutional “committee on the state of emergency,” isolated the Soviet president and removed him from power.The events of that August were ...

Apr 24, 2011

Food first

The World Bank reported April 14 that world food prices have jumped 37 percent from a year ago. That has pushed an estimated 44 million more people into poverty. As countries around the world recover from weak economies, political instability or, like Japan, from ...