Jun 26, 2014

Everyone's having a laugh in Kinokuniya

by Akira Okubo

Rakugo, a traditional form of comic storytelling in Japan, deals with anecdotes about human nature. Described as a “performance of imagination,” it is usually done on an empty stage with the artist kneeling on a large cushion and acting out the roles of all ...

'Rakugo' solo act heads to Europe, with subtitles

Oct 3, 2013

'Rakugo' solo act heads to Europe, with subtitles

by Sophie Jackman

A master of the traditional Japanese art of storytelling known as “rakugo” is embarking on his first tour of Europe, where he will perform his “sit-down” comedy with subtitles to show audiences how Japan laughs. Shunputei Ichinosuke, 35, is taking on Europe with female ...