Poachers kill white rhino — at French zoo

/ Mar 8, 2017

Poachers kill white rhino — at French zoo

Intruders at a French zoo shot dead a white rhino and hacked off its horns in a grisly overnight poaching incident, police and the zoo said Tuesday.The zoo in Thoiry outside Paris said it was the first such incident in Europe. The perpetrators forced ...

How Japanese media have failed endangered species

/ | Dec 3, 2016

How Japanese media have failed endangered species


In October, a new documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio premiered on Netflix. “The Ivory Game” is a dramatic study of the illegal trade in elephant tusks that includes conservationists battling poachers, investigative journalists following the money trail and black market merchants in China.Experts say ...

/ Nov 24, 2016

South African police nab Chinese man with 18 rhino horns

South African police Thursday said they had arrested a Hong Kong-bound Chinese man found with 18 rhino horns hidden in his luggage.He was detained on Wednesday at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport after an anonymous tipoff. “The 28-year-old male, who was in transit from ...

Sep 1, 2015

Russia-seized salmon boat to be returned today

A Japanese salmon boat and its 11 crew members seized by Russian authorities July 17 for alleged illegal fishing will return home Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo said Monday.The Russian Foreign Ministry’s Sakhalin office also confirmed its planned return on Tuesday. A local ...