Feb 1, 2016

Groups join forces in farming program for people with disabilities

Agriculture and welfare groups are joining hands to secure jobs for people with disabilities as part of a program that is also providing support to local farmers.Tama Kusamura no Kai, a nonprofit organization, is one such group, growing potatoes, green onions, spinach, shiitake and ...

Aug 2, 2015

New law to require stress checks for workers

The government plans to introduce stress checks for its workers, as the number of staff on leave due to mental illness remains high, according to sources.Under the system, the National Personnel Authority plans to conduct a stress survey every year, based on the Industrial ...

Let's be 'Frank' about mental illness and music

Oct 8, 2014

Let's be 'Frank' about mental illness and music


Imagine a band where the singer is so painfully shy and awkward that he must wear a giant papier-mache puppet head — not only on stage, but pretty much all the time. That’s the premise of “Frank,” starring Michael Fassbender under the mask; a ...

Jun 28, 2014

Claims for work ills climb

Those who claimed workers' compensation for mental woes linked to their jobs in fiscal 2013 hit a record 1,409, up 152 from a year ago, the labor ministry reveals.

Witnesses relate Guam killer's state of mind

/ Jun 18, 2014

Witnesses relate Guam killer's state of mind

Prosecutors in the trial of a Guam man accused in a February 2013 rampage that left three Japanese tourists dead and 10 others injured presented witnesses Tuesday to counter the defense’s claim that he was mentally ill when the attack occurred.Chad De Soto, 22, ...

/ Jun 2, 2014

Revised law compels drivers to declare ills

A revised road traffic law that took effect over the weekend obliges drivers to declare illnesses that could pose safety risks behind the wheel.Those who make false reports will be jailed for up to 12 months or fined up to ¥300,000. The revised law, ...