Sep 1, 2015

Japanese firms find ready, fluent workforce in Paraguay

Descendants of Japanese immigrants in Paraguay are drawing the attention of Japanese companies that have entered, or hope to enter, the South American country. With many young descendants fluent in Japanese, companies are looking at them as a reliable workforce. “It is easy to ...

Jul 21, 2015

Toshiba's accounting scandal among biggest in Japan corporate history

Toshiba Corp.’s ¥152 billion ($1.2 billion) accounting scandal, caused by top executives setting unrealistic profit targets, ranks among the largest in Japanese corporate history. An industrial group that makes everything from nuclear reactors to microchips and home appliances, Toshiba said Monday it must correct ...

Apr 1, 2015

Corporate leadership rejuvenation

Hopefully the move to buck the seniority system and appoint younger presidents will help breathe fresh air into the staid corporate culture of major Japanese firms.