Jan 28, 2013

Mr. Obama throws down gauntlet

Trivia buffs have noted that only U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Franklin D. Roosevelt have taken the oath of office four times. FDR did so because he was elected president four times. Mr. Obama has done it because he and Supreme Court Justice John ...

U.S. president lays out liberal vision

Jan 23, 2013

U.S. president lays out liberal vision

A self-assured President Barack Obama on Monday used his second inaugural address to lay out a bold liberal vision of the American future, drawing direct links between the origins of the republic and some of the most vexing political issues of the day. The ...

Jan 21, 2013

U.S. discord likely to darken Obama's second term

Barack Obama was to be sworn in Sunday to shoulder the power and burden of the U.S. presidency for a second term, launching two days of inaugural rituals darkened by domestic discord and crises abroad. Obama, 51, will swear to faithfully execute the office ...