Jul 5, 2015

Bosnian Serb leader denies Srebrenica genocide

The president of the Serb-run part of Bosnia-Herzegovina claimed Saturday that the Srebrenica genocide was a “lie,” a week ahead the 20th anniversary of the slaughter. Speaking at a commemoration for Serbs killed in villages around Srebrenica during Bosnia’s bloody civil war, Milorad Dodik ...

Cash crunch could doom Tutankhamun's 'new home'

Jul 1, 2015

Cash crunch could doom Tutankhamun's 'new home'

Egyptian curator Medhat Abdallah laughs when reminded of the “curse of Tutankhamun” as he cleans an ancient gilded bed found in the boy king’s burial chamber nearly a century ago. The 3,300-year-old relic is one of hundreds of artifacts from the treasure of King ...