Jun 17, 2013

Births involving donor eggs has tripled since 2009

Births involving donor eggs have more than tripled over the past three years, a government survey says. According to a survey conducted by a health ministry study group, the national birth rate for donor eggs rose to 0.051 percent in 2012, compared with 0.015 ...

Mar 25, 2011

'Protect' the Syrians next?

by Gwynne Dyer

LONDON — March 18 saw the first nationwide protests against the Ba’ath regime in Syria. If these protests develop into a full-scale revolt, the regime’s response may dwarf that of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya. The last time Syrians rebelled, in the city of Hama ...

Mar 9, 2011

The Gadhafis: like father, like son

by Omar Ashour

LONDON — “The enemy of yesterday is the friend of today . . . . [I]t was a real war, but those brothers are free men now.” Thus spoke Seif al-Islam Gadhafi in March 2010, referring to the leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting ...

Feb 5, 2011

The Arab world's '1989'?

by Gwynne Dyer

LONDON — It was the Egyptian Army’s statement that brought it all back: “To the great people of Egypt, your armed forces, acknowledging the legitimate rights of the people . . . have not and will not use force against the Egyptian people.” In ...

Jan 1, 2011

Setting a new democratic agenda for Russia

by Mikhail Gorbachev

MOSCOW — When Russian President Dmitry Medvedev delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly, I was struck by the fact that his speech seemed intended for an advanced, prosperous country, not the real Russia of today. Russia will hold a presidential election in ...