EPA finds jetliner pollution endangers public health, environment

Jul 26, 2016

EPA finds jetliner pollution endangers public health, environment

Greenhouse gases emitted by commercial airplanes contribute to global warming and endanger public health and the environment, U.S. officials concluded Monday, opening the path for regulation of passenger planes. The final assessment by the Environmental Protection Agency supports the goals of President Barack Obama’s ...

Permafrost: hiding a climate time bomb?

/ Nov 26, 2015

Permafrost: hiding a climate time bomb?

On the front line of climate change in the Canadian Arctic, scientists hunt for clues to a potentially catastrophic global warming trend: melting permafrost. On the rolling landscape of shrubs and moss around Hudson Bay, they probe once-impenetrable ground that is now thawing in ...

Nov 20, 2015

Test begins to store carbon dioxide under seabed off Hokkaido

A trial operation for capturing carbon dioxide emitted by factories and power plants for undersea storage began Friday at the nation’s first major facility for that purpose in Hokkaido. The government-backed project is aimed at putting the so-called CCS (carbon-dioxide capture and storage) technology ...

Nov 17, 2014

Japan's carbon dioxide emissions hit record high

Carbon dioxide emitted by Japan hit a record high in the year to March due to the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, an official said Monday. Carbon dioxide emissions related to the use of nonrenewables reached 1.224 billion ...

/ Nov 24, 2013

UNEP chief urges Japan to stay in fight

The chief of the U.N. Environment Program urged Japan to keep playing a leadership role in the fight against global warming, although it faces a challenge caused by Fukushima nuclear disaster, which left most of its atomic plants offline. “The world has in a ...