Trade deal helps boost sales of Aussie beef in Japan

May 13, 2015

Trade deal helps boost sales of Aussie beef in Japan

by Aya Takada

Australia is set to strengthen its dominance over the U.S. as Japan’s biggest beef supplier as a trade deal drives shipments toward a four-year high. Imports of Australian chilled beef rose 8 percent last quarter and may reach the highest since 2011 while shipments ...

May 6, 2015

Australia asks Japan to join submarine tender

Australian Defence Minister Kevin Andrews on Wednesday asked Japan to participate in procedures to become Australia’s partner in a project to jointly develop next-generation submarines, Japanese officials said. Andrews made the request in a telephone conversation with Japanese Defense Minister Gen Nakatani, who responded ...

Mar 22, 2015

Australia training Japanese spies, daily says

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service has been training Japanese operatives in trade craft at the request of the Japanese government, The Australian newspaper reported Saturday. ASIS, the country’s overseas intelligence agency, has trained more than 20 officers under a program that began around 2008, ...

Aussie official backpedals on foreign subs

Nov 26, 2014

Aussie official backpedals on foreign subs

Australia’s defense minister apologized on Wednesday after saying he would not trust the government-owned submarine firm “to build a canoe,” comments that fueled expectations that most work in a program costing 40 billion Australian dollars ($34 billion) will go offshore. Reuters reported in September ...

Oct 29, 2014

Australia expects EPA with Japan to take effect early next year

Australia’s economic partnership agreement with Japan is expected to enter into force early next year, Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb said. Robb unveiled the prospect in a statement Tuesday that welcomed an Australian parliamentary committee’s endorsement of the EPA. Japan is Australia’s second-biggest ...