Feb 22, 2017

16 active faults added to big-quake risk list

The government has added 16 new active faults to a list of major fault zones that could trigger an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or higher in Japan. The addition by the Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion brings the number of major active ...

Sep 3, 2013

No active fault under Oi plant, NRA team says

A team from the Nuclear Regulation Authority said Monday that no active geological faults exist under the key facilities of the Oi nuclear power station in Fukui Prefecture. The five-member team reached its conclusion after inspecting the Kansai Electric Power Co. facility from November ...

May 20, 2013

Tsuruga reactor's active fault

The identification of a geological fracture zone beneath a Tsuruga nuclear plant reactor as an active fault may force the decommissioning of the reactor in Fukui Prefecture.