SMBC ups pay for first time in 19 years

Mar 27, 2014

SMBC ups pay for first time in 19 years

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc.’s lending unit has agreed to raise salaries for the first time in 19 years as an economic recovery spurs profit at Japan’s second-largest bank by market value. The company will increase base pay by 0.5 percent in the coming ...

Panasonic China staff  get pay for pollution

Mar 13, 2014

Panasonic China staff get pay for pollution

Electronics giant Panasonic said Thursday it will give employees sent to China a wage premium to compensate for the country’s hazardous air pollution, in a possible first for an international company. The move was part of a wider deal reached in the annual labor ...

Mar 9, 2014

Ten electronics firms to approve ¥2,000 pay hike

Ten major domestic electronics makers are expected to grant a uniform pay-scale increase of ¥2,000 in this year’s “shunto” spring wage negotiations, sources said. The Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union, an umbrella body for electronics makers’ labor unions, demanded the ¥2,000 hike as ...

Panasonic employees' pay scales to be raised

Mar 4, 2014

Panasonic employees' pay scales to be raised

Panasonic Corp. is planning to raise the pay scale for its employees at this spring’s labor-management wage talks for the first time since 2008, sources said Tuesday. The electronics-maker took into consideration commodity price rises and the imminent sales tax hike, which will likely ...

Mar 4, 2014

Union cites 'big gap' with Toyota in wage negotiations

Toyota Motor Corp. and its workers’ union are far apart over wages and bonuses, the labor group’s chairman said Tuesday. “Our negotiation with the company is like a parallel line,” Mitsuyuki Tsuruoka, head of the Toyota Motor Workers’ Union, said. “We have had two ...

Mar 4, 2014

Base salaries up for first time in 22 months in January

Salaries increased for the first time in nearly two years in January as companies boosted pay for part-timers, aiding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s effort to end 15 years of deflation. Base pay excluding bonuses and overtime rose 0.1 percent from a year earlier, the ...

Feb 20, 2014

Toyota regards union demand for wage increase as 'surprisingly high'

Toyota Motor Corp., the nation’s largest manufacturer and employer, says the wage increases labor unions have demanded going into annual negotiations this year are “surprisingly high.” The carmaker will wait until the negotiations are finished before saying whether it will agree to the requests, ...

Feb 18, 2014

Mitsubishi Motors workers in line for raise

by Megumi Iizuka

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. President Osamu Masuko says the automaker is considering raising employees’ pay and also resuming dividend payments for the first time in over 16 years in fiscal 2013, reflecting its recovery from a decade of slumping sales. Asked during a recent interview ...

Feb 18, 2014

46% of companies plan wage hikes for full-time workers

More than 46 percent of companies plan to increase pay for full-time workers in fiscal 2014, a Teikoku Databank Ltd. survey showed Monday. In the survey, conducted last month, 46.4 percent of companies said wages will rise in the year, up from 39.3 percent ...

Jan 28, 2014

Unions to demand robust pay rises

Unions are adopting robust demands for this spring’s annual “shunto” wage talks, with those of Toyota Motor Corp. considering an average ¥2.3 million annual bonus and the electronics industry its first basic pay hike in five years. For the talks, the 600,000-member Japanese Electrical, ...

Jan 7, 2014

Business leaders call on firms to hike pay

by Masaaki Kameda

In line with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s campaign to break the grip of deflation through aggressive economic policies, business leaders on Tuesday called on companies to hike wages. “We have asked member companies to raise wages to realize a virtuous cycle of the economy,” ...