British minister resigns amid bullying allegations

Nov 29, 2015

British minister resigns amid bullying allegations

A British government minister resigned on Saturday over allegations that bullying by a party activist he appointed was a key factor in the suicide of another young activist. Grant Shapps, international development minister and a former Conservative party chairman, had in 2014 appointed Mark ...

Nov 28, 2015

Major piling firms fabricated date, industry group says

Six Japanese piling firms, in addition to Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corp., fabricated data in 22 building projects in the last five years, an industry group reported on Friday. The six firms — including the industry’s two largest, Mitani Sekisan Co. and Japan Pile ...

Nov 26, 2015

Japanese piling industry leader unveils data manipulation

Mitani Sekisan Co. said Thursday that it has discovered piling work data manipulation in one of some 350 building projects it reviewed in response to requests from clients and construction firms following the recent revelation by other companies of similar irregularities, which have shocked ...

Nov 25, 2015

U.K.'s Daily Mail defends its acquisition of Paris attack video

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper defended itself Tuesday against accusations it paid for footage of one of the Paris attacks and used a hacker to access the video after it was encrypted by police. The popular newspaper is alleged to have paid €50,000 ($53,200) for ...

VW wins approval to fix diesel engines in Europe

Nov 24, 2015

VW wins approval to fix diesel engines in Europe

Volkswagen AG said it has approval to repair most of its rigged European diesel engines and made a deal with U.S. regulators to resubmit questionable software for review in 85,000 other vehicles, signs of progress in its effort to overcome the two-month-old emissions crisis. ...

'Brotherhood of crime' to stand trial for Vatican leaks

Nov 22, 2015

'Brotherhood of crime' to stand trial for Vatican leaks

The Vatican said Saturday it has charged five people over a damning leaks scandal at the heart of the Catholic Church, accusing the alleged ringleaders of forming a “brotherhood of crime.” Magistrates on Friday “notified the accused and their lawyers of the charges filed ...