Aug 17, 2014

40% of Tokyo's homeless targeted by violence: survey

About 40 percent of homeless people in Tokyo have been attacked or threatened on the street, a survey by a nonprofit organization has revealed. The Independent Life Support Center Moyai conducted the survey in June and July, interviewing nearly 350 street people aged between ...

Aug 1, 2014

Sumida schools confront assaults on the homeless

Elementary and junior high schools in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, have embarked on a new program to address a jump in violence against homeless people in the area. One of the sessions took place July 10 at Hikifune Elementary School, where two homeless men who ...

Dance pioneer puts homeless back on their feet

Jun 4, 2014

Dance pioneer puts homeless back on their feet

by Tomohiro Osaki

While walking on the streets of Tokyo 10 years ago, dancer and choreographer Yuki Aoki encountered a scene that remains indelibly etched into his memory. A crowd in Shinjuku cheered at a band of young street musicians amid a performance full of swagger and ...

Jul 13, 2013

Vote-stripped homeless left in election limbo

Despite having Japanese citizenship, homeless people cannot exercise voting rights guaranteed by the Constitution because they can’t register their temporary accommodations as official places of residence. There are no signs the situation will be taken up by candidates in the July 21 House of ...

Aug 20, 1998

100 homeless face shelter eviction

by Reiji Yoshida

Nearly 100 homeless people evicted from their cardboard shantytown near Shinjuku Station in February may have to vacate their current shelters this fall. Agreements reached with reluctant local residents that have allowed them to stay at two temporary facilities in Shinjuku will expire in ...