Cameron defends plans to avoid British exit from EU

Feb 3, 2016

Cameron defends plans to avoid British exit from EU

Prime Minister David Cameron was set to defend planned reforms to keep Britain in the EU before legislators on Wednesday, as European lawmakers begin negotiations in Strasbourg to avoid a so-called “Brexit” from the bloc. EU president Donald Tusk unveiled proposals to avoid Britain ...

Jan 19, 2016

Britain flexible on key demand in EU renegotiation

Britain is flexible on a key demand that is holding up attempts to secure reforms of the European Union ahead of an in-or-out referendum on its membership, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Tuesday. Hammond told The Guardian newspaper that London is willing to consider ...

Jan 10, 2016

Cameron to outline plan offering parents lessons on child-rearing

All British parents will be encouraged to take government-run parenting classes under plans due to be announced by Prime Minister David Cameron, The Observer newspaper reported Sunday. A previous scheme to educate parents from under-privileged backgrounds after the 2011 London riots flopped, attracting around ...

Islamic State militants execute five 'spies,' threaten Britain

Jan 4, 2016

Islamic State militants execute five 'spies,' threaten Britain

The Islamic State group threatened Britain in an Internet video Sunday showing the killing of five “spies” it said worked with the international coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. The SITE Intelligence Group said the video shows five men from ...

Dec 30, 2015

Japanese language may be dropped from Britain's A Levels

Japanese may be removed as a foreign language subject from Britain’s Advanced Levels, or A Levels, which are standard qualifications widely used by British universities to assess students’ entrance eligibility. In response, movements have been launched in the country to keep the Japanese A ...

Cameron put on spot as flooding hits northern England again

Dec 29, 2015

Cameron put on spot as flooding hits northern England again

Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday visited the flood-hit historic city of York as thousands of people in northern England started a cleanup amid volatile weather conditions around Europe. Cameron met soldiers and volunteers helping with the aftermath of the flooding which has struck ...

Dec 20, 2015

British PM wants women training for front line in 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron told The Sunday Telegraph newspaper he wanted to see female British soldiers training to fight on the front line in 2016. Cameron has asked the Ministry of Defence to be ready to post women in ground close-combat roles by the ...