May 16, 2016

Chinese pouring billions into U.S. real estate, especially homes

Chinese nationals became the largest foreign buyers of U.S. homes last year as they pour billions into American real estate, seeking safe offshore assets, according to a new study Sunday. A huge surge in Chinese buying of both residential and commercial real estate last ...

Apr 7, 2016

Yamato to offer four-day deliveries to China

Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co. will start a service in early May that delivers Japanese products to Chinese consumers in as little as four days through an alliance with local partners including online retailer With the alliance, Yamato Global, a unit of Yamato ...

Chinese tourists take home glowing views of Japan

Feb 11, 2016

Chinese tourists take home glowing views of Japan

As Chinese tourists flock to Japan for the first time, it’s not just shopping they leave with. Many are taking home new, positive perspectives of an often vilified nation. “Shop clerks were so kind,” said Zhang Yingxi, 21, a university student from Beijing as ...