Sep 29, 2016

Japan posts videos to prepare citizens for next big quake

Houses toppling over, fires blazing out of control, trains going off their rails and murky water rushing through the streets, sweeping cars away. These are computer-generated images in two videos released by the government this week to prepare people for a major earthquake that ...

57% of Japanese cautious about using credit cards: survey

Sep 2, 2016

57% of Japanese cautious about using credit cards: survey

A majority of Japanese people are cautious about using credit cards, according to the results of the Cabinet Office’s first public opinion survey on the payment method released Thursday. In the survey, 57.9 percent of respondents were negative about actively using credit cards, while ...

Aug 28, 2016

Poll finds 48% of Japanese satisfied with current income

A Cabinet Office survey showed Saturday that 48.1 percent of respondents are satisfied or fairly satisfied with their incomes, up 2.4 percentage points from the previous year, marking the second straight year of improvement. In contrast, 49.6 percent said they were dissatisfied or rather ...

Apr 6, 2016

Composite economic index down in February

The composite index of economic indicators, reflecting the current state of the economy, fell in February, the government said Wednesday. The index of coincident indicators, such as industrial output, retail sales and new job offers, declined 3.2 points from the previous month to 110.3 ...

Mar 11, 2016

Japan big firms' business sentiment slumps in first quarter

Business sentiment among major Japanese companies in January-March turned negative for the first time in three quarters, affected by stock price falls and the yen’s rise earlier this year, a quarterly government survey showed Friday. The business sentiment index for companies with capital of ...

Consumer confidence, sentiment weaken in February

Mar 9, 2016

Consumer confidence, sentiment weaken in February

Consumer confidence worsened in February amid a decline in the country’s corporate performance and China’s economic slowdown, the Cabinet Office said, downgrading its assessment of the index for the second consecutive month. Another survey, also released by the office on Tuesday, showed business confidence ...