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Development of care robots growing in aging Japan

Jan 27, 2016

Development of care robots growing in aging Japan


A shortage of nursing-care workers in Japan amid a rapidly aging population is accelerating the development and introduction of robots programmed to perform care-giving tasks. The government is also spurring the trend, calling for the development of robotics-based nursing-care equipment as part of its ...

Jan 23, 2016

Pope approves beatification of warlord Takayama Ukon

Pope Francis has approved the beatification of Takayama Ukon, a Christian warlord who was ousted from Japan in the early 17th century, the Vatican said Friday. Takayama, born in 1552, was baptized at the age of 12. Following the Tokugawa feudal government’s ban on ...

Jan 17, 2016

Japan to tackle child poverty in Okinawa

The government announced Saturday it plans to implement from April antipoverty measures in Okinawa Prefecture targeted at children, including the placement of more than 100 specialized staff and the creation of around-the-clock assistance centers. Child poverty has become a serious issue in the nation’s ...

Jan 15, 2016

Companies in Japan expanding support, events for LGBT people

Companies in Japan are strengthening their support for minorities known as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, amid growing social understanding for members of that community. Some companies are making efforts to create a better work environment for LGBT employees, and others are ...