Dec 1, 2016

FBI to gain expanded hacking powers as Senate effort to block fails

A last-ditch effort in the Senate to block or delay rule changes that would expand the U.S. government’s hacking powers failed Wednesday, despite concerns that the changes would jeopardize the privacy rights of innocent Americans and risk possible abuse by the incoming administration of ...

Nov 25, 2016

China detains editor of human rights website for subversion

An announcement on a Chinese human rights monitoring website says the site’s editor has been detained on suspicion of subverting state power. The website Minsheng Guancha reported late Thursday that editor Liu Feiyue was taken away earlier this month by police in the central ...

CNN, Tapper apologize for 'if Jews are people' banner gaffe

Nov 23, 2016

CNN, Tapper apologize for 'if Jews are people' banner gaffe

CNN and host Jake Tapper have apologized for an on-screen banner Tapper says “horrified” him when it appeared during his show. The vacationing Tapper responded to outraged viewers with Twitter posts explaining he’s “furious.” The offending phrase appeared Monday during a discussion among substitute ...

Nov 20, 2016

Facebook tries to reduce problem of fake news

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg urged world leaders meeting in Peru on Saturday to help get more people online to improve global living standards while separately announcing new measures to cut down on fake news stories on the social network that some suggest could have ...

China censors 'fatty' nickname for Kim Jong Un online

Nov 19, 2016

China censors 'fatty' nickname for Kim Jong Un online

Chinese websites are censoring the nickname “Kim Fatty the Third,” widely used to disparage North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after officials from his country reportedly conveyed their displeasure in a meeting with their Chinese counterparts. Searches for the Chinese words “Jin San Pang” ...