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Singapore TPP talks fail to reach a deal

Feb 25, 2014

Singapore TPP talks fail to reach a deal

Ministers from 12 Pacific-Rim countries failed Tuesday to achieve the goal of reaching a broad agreement on an envisioned regional free trade deal due to remaining gulfs over such key outstanding issues as tariff elimination. After wrapping up their four-day meeting in Singapore, the ...

Retailer gets 'cute' with Singapore

Feb 18, 2014

Retailer gets 'cute' with Singapore

Japanese fashion brand and retailer Satisfaction Guaranteed has launched the sale of “kawaii,” or cute, merchandise usually associated with Japan, through high-tech digital vending machines in Singapore. “Singapore will . . . be the first country outside of Japan to have this intelligent digital ...

Aug 14, 2012

More Japanese firms relocating to Singapore

A growing number of Japanese companies have moved some of their headquarters or key functions to Singapore, viewing the city-state as a strategic location where they can oversee a new wave of investment in Southeast Asia. Panasonic Corp. and Mitsui Chemicals Inc. recently moved ...

Jan 13, 2012

Japan told to be 'Asia's bridge to West'

Kishore Mahbubani, a prominent Singaporean academic, has urged Japan to display greater leadership on the world stage and act as a bridge between Asia and the West, as in his view the global order has started to shift. In the current era, the West’s ...

Singapore pair corners 'halal ramen' market

Sep 22, 2011

Singapore pair corners 'halal ramen' market

A Singaporean couple who run Japanese restaurants are hoping to promote “halal Japanese food” worldwide in an effort to target the massive Muslim market. Roger Tan and his wife, Yvone Lim, recently sealed a 12-year master franchise agreement with a Qatar-based food and beverage ...

JNTO seeks to put quake-hit Tohoku on map

Aug 23, 2011

JNTO seeks to put quake-hit Tohoku on map

When the Japan National Tourism Agency flew in more than 100 students and journalists from Singapore earlier this month in a bid to woo tourists back to the country, it focused on Tohoku, the region hardest hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. ...

Jul 5, 2011

Energy talks in Brunei will place nuclear power on regional agenda

Nuclear power will be discussed by energy ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and their counterparts outside the region at an annual meeting scheduled for September in Brunei, according to Brunei’s energy minister, Yasmin Umar. “This is very significant because for the ...