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Bangladesh's female workforce powers silent revolution

Feb 27, 2008

Bangladesh's female workforce powers silent revolution

DHAKA — The women of Bangladesh are a force to be reckoned with. At the country’s factories, they represent a majority of the workers churning out the ready-made garments that are the country’s most important exports. It is incredibly hard work, and these days ...

Bangladesh tries to shake corrupt image

Feb 16, 2008

Bangladesh tries to shake corrupt image

DHAKA — Ever since its hard-won independence from Pakistan in 1971, Bangladesh has struggled to shake off something just as unwelcome as foreign rule: its image as an impoverished and politically corrupt backwater. There is no denying Bangladesh’s problems — so many of which ...

Bangladesh ready to rival Asia's mighty manufacturing hubs

Feb 15, 2008

Bangladesh ready to rival Asia's mighty manufacturing hubs

CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh — Sure, the shipping distance from Japan to this sprawling industrial park might be great, and his trucks must sometimes compete with rickshaws and livestock on the crowded roads outside its walls. But overall, Yasufumi Matsuo, executive director at Japanese electronic parts ...

Waseda grad school to groom true newshounds

Jan 4, 2008

Waseda grad school to groom true newshounds

There is no doubt that Japan has produced its share of top-notch journalists: noted political writer Takashi Tachibana, war photographer Ryuichi Hirokawa and videographer Kenji Nagai, who was shot dead in September while reporting close up on the unrest in Myanmar, to cite but ...

| Nov 20, 2007

World's suicide capital — tough image to shake

Japan has attained a reputation as the suicide capital of the world. A 2007 international comparison of suicide rates (per 100,000 people) by the World Health Organization ranked Japan sixth for females, at 12.8, behind Sri Lanka, South Korea and Lithuania, and 11th for ...

Nov 17, 2007

Lend the children an ear

LONDON — Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman and other Hollywood celebrities have joined a global campaign to raise $1 billion over 10 years in support of disadvantaged children around the world. Organizers of the Listen Campaign, launched Thursday by London-based media event producer Tribute ...

Activists comfort dying dolphins

Nov 3, 2007

Activists comfort dying dolphins

Opponents of Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter have taken their campaign to a new level of confrontation by paddling into the bloody waters off a western killing cove to comfort animals moments before their deaths. Dave Rastovich, a champion pro surfer from Australia, on Monday ...

Oct 6, 2007

Ministry snubs meeting with foes of dolphin kill

U.S. activists waging a high-profile campaign against Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter and sale of mercury-tainted dolphin meat were snubbed by government officials Friday in Tokyo when they tried to hand over a petition of protest they claim bears 50,000 signatures. Members of Washington state-based ...

Sep 21, 2007

U.S. activist pushes rejection of nukes

that nuclear weapons are extremely dangerous and should never be used,” said Leeper, a 59-year-old Illinois native, at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo. “We want them to make sure that they communicate that to their leaders.” Leeper is particularly alarmed by the ...