Fujitsu denies AMD merger report

Fujitsu Ltd. and U.S. chip maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. are holding talks on further cooperation in flash-memory production but have no plans to integrate their flash-memory operations, a Fujitsu spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The spokeswoman was commenting on a Financial Times report that the firms are in talks on integration, a move that would create the world’s largest flash-memory group, overtaking Intel Corp. of the United States.

The British newspaper said in its Wednesday edition the talks center on a plan for AMD to take control of a new joint venture with sales of about $3 billion that would design, manufacture and package flash-memory chips.

The Fujitsu spokeswoman said the two firms already have cooperative business ties and will further promote such relations.

Fujitsu and AMD have a 50-50 joint venture in flash-memory production based in northern Japan. That firm sells products to the two groups, which market their flash-memory chips separately.

The paper said the two firms aim to establish the joint venture in January, with AMD expected to take a stake of about 60 percent and Fujitsu 40 percent.