/ Apr 9, 2016

Will it hurt? Uncertainty is worst of all, says study

Not knowing if a decision will provoke pain is more stressful than correctly anticipating the outcome, even when that outcome hurts like hell, according to a study released recently. Moreover, experiments with volunteers receiving electric shocks showed that the greater the stress the better subjects ...

Aug 2, 2015

New law to require stress checks for workers

The government plans to introduce stress checks for its workers, as the number of staff on leave due to mental illness remains high, according to sources. Under the system, the National Personnel Authority plans to conduct a stress survey every year, based on the Industrial ...

/ Oct 1, 2014

Court rejects damages for lay judge with stress disorder

The Fukushima District Court has rejected a claim by a lay judge in a robbery-murder case that the judiciary system was responsible for her developing acute stress disorder. Hifumi Aoki, 64, of Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, challenged the constitutionality of the lay judge system and demanded ...

Soccer fans at risk from World Cup mania

/ May 31, 2014

Soccer fans at risk from World Cup mania

If the television commercials piggybacking on the World Cup are to be believed, watching a soccer match is fun, healthy and sociable. Slim young men and women spring up from the sofa like gazelles to celebrate a goal. If they lose, they commiserate peacefully with ...

Feb 20, 2014

Fukushima stress deaths top 3/11 toll

Stress and other illnesses related to the 2011 quake and tsunami has killed 1,656 people in Fukushima Prefecture, outnumbering the 1,607 whose deaths were directly tied to disaster-caused injuries.