Dec 10, 2014

Prefectures providing more support for stalking victims

Since the anti-stalking law was beefed up last year, prefectural governments across the nation have been strengthening services for victims, including provisions for providing shelter and financial assistance. The toughened law, which was amended in October 2013, not only requires police to bolster support ...

Aug 6, 2014

Panel urges tougher penaties for stalking

An expert panel commissioned by the National Police Agency called Tuesday for tougher punishment on stalking, as well as a ban on loitering around victims and stalking behavior that uses social networking sites. Following the panel’s proposals made in a report, the NPA plans ...

Man, 22, pleads guilty to girlfriend's murder

Jul 22, 2014

Man, 22, pleads guilty to girlfriend's murder

A 22-year-old man pleaded guilty Tuesday to stabbing his former girlfriend to death last October in a high-profile stalking-murder case in Mitaka, west Tokyo. Charles Thomas Ikenaga was charged with murder for fatally stabbing high school student Saaya Suzuki, 18. Ikenaga reportedly began stalking ...