Japanese airports strengthen warnings against Zika fever

/ Feb 16, 2016

Japanese airports strengthen warnings against Zika fever

Airports across Japan, including Narita International Airport, have strengthened quarantine measures to counter the Zika virus that is spreading quickly throughout Latin America.After the mosquito-borne illness was designated by the Japanese government Monday as a Type 4 infectious disease, requiring doctors to report any ...

Jan 19, 2015

Sierra Leone resident tests negative in Tokyo for Ebola

A Japanese woman in her 70s who developed a fever after flying to Tokyo from Sierra Leone has tested negative for the Ebola virus, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Monday.She is the fifth person in Japan suspected of being infected. All have ...

| Apr 15, 2014

Farmers acted fast to fight latest outbreak

The avian influenza that struck a chicken farm in Kumamoto Prefecture was the first outbreak in Japan in three years and came as authorities were already on high alert about migrant birds after reports of the disease hitting South Korea since the beginning of ...